Mini Pupstars

Oooohh laa laa…. Hours of fun to be had Celeb Styling your very own 3D Pooch – Get creative right now!!

  • A game that unlocks & encourages creativity styling peoples cutest best friend
  • Choose from 4 adorable 3D dogs to crazy style their hair & accessorise.
  • Wash, shampoo, shave and cut their hair just like a real life zany dog groomer stylist.
  • Find out what makes each dog happily smile and wag its tail!
  • Careful though there’s some things that makes your pooch sad!
  • If that’s not enough add some magic “grow” and watch their hair GROW and GROW and GROW!
  • Once they are styled add some colour – spray paint them pink or blue or purple or all the colours of the rainbow. Let your creativity run riot styling your Pooch!
  • See if you can match our four dogs with their nationality by placing the correct teeny bopper flags on each Pooch.


Finish your creative flair by adding bows or hats choose from our many funky accessories before your celebrity pooch is ready for the paparazzi camera’s – and let them become a real “Mini VIPUPSTAR”.


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